Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Why I don't cook

So this is what my kitchen looked like - hell, let's be honest - looks like after my cooking extravaganza last night.

Note the forlorn piece of swiss chard or whatever on the floor, the chopped carrots, the various bowls and trash.  It's a friggin mess.  If you look closely you can see the glass and bottle of wine which is responsible for my current headache.  I have to clean all this up when I get home.  Bummer.

But on the upside - my meal was really yummy!

  • Green lentils with shitake, porcini, and white mushrooms in a red wine reduction
  • Parmesean garlic Yukon Gold mashed potatoes

It looks unappetizing as all get out, but it was tasty - honest!

And I made a batch of lentil/split pea soup.  I'll freeze half and use the rest for lunch with my veggie sandwich.  I'm actually not missing meat and I've yet to use any of my weird tofu products.  

Tonight was going to be bison night - but we're going to a Sheryl Crow concert and I won't have time to devote to bison preparation.


Dunc said...

I'll take your kitchen any day, mess or not!

WeezerMonkey said...

I am totally laughing at the piece of swiss chard or whatever on the floor. ;D