Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's bison time!

I'm excited - my first taste of free range, grass-fed and grass-finished meat.

Ever since watching Top Chef's porkapooloza, I've been having a hankering for meat.  My co-workers' trip to N and Out Burger didn't help matters much.

So here's my attempt to eat meat locally and more humanely.  Being grassfed is more natural for the animal, better for the environment, and better for humans (raises the nutritional value). has a detailed discussion of facts and links to suppliers of grass-fed meat.  

I bought my ground bison at the Hollywood Farmer's Market from Kathy Lindner of Lindner Bison...  They practice humane animal husbandry and the picturesque picture above is from their ranch.   

Information from their website:

What we do:
1. pasture raised, grassfed and grass finished bison
2. lush irrigated pasture during summer, dry grass (hay) during winter
3. smooth game fencing only; no animal can come in contact with barbed wire
4. fine sand for wallowing
5. salt & mineral supplements
6. salvage & erect used street sweeper brushes for scratching
7. natural parasite control through the use of diatomaceous earth (see future plans for heritage turkeys)
8. fresh well water in stock tanks with built-in 'small critter ramps' (if a mouse or other small creature should accidentally fall in while trying to get a drink, they can safely climb back out)
9. encourage strong family units by mimicing Nature's cycle; bulls remain with cows year round to produce robust calves in the spring and natural predator control year round
10. slow, low-stress management techniques

What we don't do:
1. no grain or corn - no feedlots or feedyards - ever.
2. no added hormones, antibiotics or animal byproducts
3. no barbed wire 
4. dehorn, castrate or artificially inseminate

Future plans at Lindner Bison's Heritage Ranch:
1. new paddocks for rotational grazing
2. handling facilities and equipment which are quieter & less stressful than traditional meth

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