Monday, June 9, 2008

Hollywood Farmer's Market, week 2

So yesterday I went to the Farmer's Market in Hollywood.

We got there 15 minutes before closing time - one day, possibly when I go with Nester yeah4me next week, I'll get there at a decent time.  I did have time to get the things I needed though...

Packet of the ground bison from Kathy Lindner of Lindner Farms.  I was worried because the guy in front of me had a cooler (so you knew he meant business).  He bought 10 packs of the ground bison and a roast of some sort.  Fortunately, she still had some left, so I bought my one pack.  

I also bought a piece of pork from a local farmer.  He grows several varieties of fruits and veggies and until recently, had grown livestock only for his own consumption.  Now he has about 8 pigs and 15 cows (but he said that soon he'll have about 7 more as some calves are expected).  His pigs eat fruit, veggies, and some grain.  

I also bought a bag of organic yukon gold potatoes.  I was on the lookout for spinach, but didn't see any in my mad rush around the market.

Completely by chance, I ran into Nester pdx*ord*lax at the free range cage free egg stand.  I was trying to figure out if the fertilized eggs that the guy was selling meant that I'd see beak.  My step-mom's Filipino and I know all about balut.  I was going to stick a picture of balut here, but when I did the google image search and saw the results, I took pity on my poor blog readers (all three of you) and decided against it.  Let me just say, if you do the search on your own, and look at the pictures, I am not responsible.  Ugh.  

So if you see the pictures, you can understand why I would make sure that a fertilized egg contained no beak or feet or anything of that nature.  So while I was uncovering the truth, pdx sidled up next to me.  Too bad I didn't have a camera - but Mr. Insomniac was off somewhere eating pluots and as many of you know, I've lost my cell phone and I've had to rely on the kindness and mad photography skillz of Mr. Insomniac.  But anyway, it was great to see pdx - she has a whole bag full of stuff.  She obviously gets to these things and has plenty of time to shop.  Bravo!


WeezerMonkey said...

Bring on the balut! I can take it!

Blog Reader #1

Liz said...

Did you see this article today?

Loving the blog!