Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Play ball!

On Saturday Mr. Insomniac went to see our first Dodgers game together with one of his work colleagues (let's call him Biff) and his new girlfriend.  It was kind of weird, because the last time I saw Biff it was at his wedding nine months ago.   But hey... how bout them Dodgers? 

And even more importantly, how bout them Dodger dogs?  


And I got the famous garlic fries that I've read so much about from Weezer Monkey's blog.  They have lots of garlic.  I thought for sure that Mr. Insomniac would hate them as he doesn't garlic as much as I do.  (When we went to the Stinking Rose, I got the garlic ice cream, okay?  Unfortunately, it was nasty.)  But he loved them.  I loved them.  We infused our sweet nothings with garlic funk.  It was great.  Meanwhile, Biff and his girlfriend were giving us the side eye for our garlic loving ways.  I guess when you've been with someone for almost a decade, garlic breath isn't a big deal. 

Yay for garlic fries!

But the game was great.  And I don't even like baseball all that much.  Before I could probably name two people on the team - Manny and Nomar.  Now I can name four.  Hu and Loney.  Hu, because whenever he was at bat, the music guy in the box would play, "Who Let the Dogs Out?"  And everyone would go "Hu, Hu, Hu, Hu".  So clever!  I love cheesy stuff like that.

Then they would do all these cool clappity claps. One was especially tricky and I felt a since a triumph when I finally managed to reproduce the synchopated rhythms on the third round.  Of course marveling in my accomplishment, I butchered last round.  Shame.

Then there were lots of fights in the riff raff section.  People were swinging and jumping over each other.  I believe it was started by a guy Then the Dodger stadium came running over, decked out in their blue shirts to deal with the offenders.  Exciting.  Then the cops came and paraded all the offenders (around 10) across the aisle to a hearty chorus of boos. 

Then there was another fight.  Oh, the riff raff - what would we all do without you?  Here is their section, under the jumbo-tron.

Let's see - what else...  There was this one guy behind me who could whistle the "da duh da da, da daaaaaa" charge melody and everyone would yell Charge!  I was insanely jealous as I can't whistle, let alone whistle cool tunes to get the crowd hyped.  People threw around beach balls and this one kid kept yelling, "over here!!  OVER HERE!!!"  I rolled my eyes as no one can really control a beach ball.  It does what it wants.  Even so, the kid eventually got the beach ball.  He held it, stood up, and carefully wound up to fire the perfect hit... and ended up pounding it over the railing of the lodge section that we were all sitting in.  Of course, he was greeted with a hearty chorus of boos for his ineptitude.   Poor kid.  He seemed to take it well though.

Okay, now about the game.  I believe the score was around 10-7, so it was a pretty exciting game.  There were three homeruns, two by Manny, bases loaded, etc.  And there were lots of foul balls heading in our direction which terrified me as I did not want to end up with a traumatic brain injury.  

Here's a pic of the audience celebrating a Manny homerun.  Note dude in the Manny headscarf and fake dreads.  He got featured during the candid shots of festive gamegoers on the Jumbo-tron.

I believe it was the either the eighth or ninth inning when there was a crack and a ball hurtled in our direction.  I put my hand over my mouth and shrieked in terror, "it's coming, it's coming"!!!  And sure enough, it did.  
The gentleman seated three seats of me caught it, fortunately. 

See the ball?

Here's him doing a recreation of the exciting moment.  Good for him.  Everyone deserves a little fame.

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