Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday night

*Heh - I figured out how to post date my posts... So now I can cheat and pretend like I updated my blog when I was supposed to.*

Friday I had dinner with Mr. Insomniac's partner/boss and a bunch of the boss's friends. One of them was the president of an organic food company, so we chatted a bit about organic food and my whole June challenge. He gave me his card, and I told him that I'd link it to my blog. But then I lost said card. Oh well. Anywho - I love a free meal. I also love a free meal at a restaurant I wouldn't normally go to/pay for.

Enter Crustacean.

It has an aquarium under the floor! A stream that snakes it way through the bar area with koi fish! People love that.

It looks like this:

But with about a hundred people milling around, college grads with their parents gazing at the floor, a four member band playing Marvin Gaye, and waitstaff all dressed in black. Strangely enough, with half of Los Angeles in that restaurant, I didn't see any celebrities. No "Ursher". Wait a minute - that's not true. Some Laker dude was there. It wasn't Kobe, so no one really gave a damn.

I thought about getting a salad (plants). But then I said (but not out loud) - hey, I can order a $50 entree and someone else will pick up the tab! So then I went with the signature dish:

Whole roasted Dungeness crab with "garlic sauce and secret spices" prepared in the "secret kitchen". Nothing says carnivore like breaking open the leg of a creature with a nutcracker (or crabcracker) and slurping up its meaty garlicky insides.


WeezerMonkey said...

I am uber-jealous. After all these years, I still haven't been to Crustracean. Kudos to you for not being sucked into Sprinkles after ward. ;)

Insomniac said...

it was tasty!

dapotato said...

love love love crustacean.

visiting via weemo's blog,
a starch