Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"I've abandoned my blog! I've abandoned my blog!"

The title of my post is to be read  à la Daniel Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood.  Click on the link if you have no idea what I'm talking about - it took me for friggin ever to find that video.  lol
Okay.  Enough with the talk of backsliding...  

So yesterday I went to the Monday taping of SYTYCD (or for those of you who don't know a 14 year old, So You Think You Can Dance) with yeah4me.  It was great - I'll only post one spoiler, but if you're interested in more, just let me know... The couples did two dances each, as opposed to their usual one.  So there will be even more dancing Wednesday night - yay!  

The drawback to the 14 dances was that we were in there for quite some time - I had eaten at 12 noon and didn't have any food until we finished at around 8pm.  I emerged from the dark studio at CBS (where they also film the Price is Right) ravenous and no salad was going to quell my hunger beast.

Enter the Farmer's Market right across the street, and more specifically, enter Pampas Grill.

Farmer's Market is like this international food court where everything is tasty.  I've eaten at least 10 stalls and all of them were amazing.  Pampas Grill is probably my favorite - it is a Brazilian churrascaria and you load up a plate cafeteria style with non-meat items and then you head to the mighty carver who slices off some garlic beef, top sirloin, lamb, spicy chicken legs, etc.  You grab a drink and then head to the charming cashier who weighs your plate and rings you up.  And then you go into ketosis.   Heh heh, I kid.  But seriously, it is amazing and I made yeah4me a believer in Brazilian - not that it was hard or anything.  

 photo by HanaK

I couldn't take any pictures because (1) I have no cell phone and (2) yeah4me had no cell phone as they were VERBOTEN during the taping.  As were purses.  So why did some woman keep jabbing yeah4me with her big ass purse?  And why was some tween kneeling down texting in between performances?  

I filled half my plate with veggies (steamed broccoli, green beans with onions, egg plant salad), the other quadrant with some vegetarian feijoada over garlic rice garnished with farofa, and used only a fourth of my plate for meat.  And what wonderful meat it was - marinated lamb and small piece of chicken breast wrapped in bacon.  I take the bacon off - the smokey bacony goodness permeates the poultry just fine...  Ah, that was good eating.

It sorta looked like this:

But not really.  I just wanted to put a picture in to give my blog some "wow factor".  But that's what a plate of food looks like from there.  Why this person didn't get the black beans is beyond my understanding.  But my plate of 1/4 meat was a distinct different to how I used to eat there.  As yeah4me reminded me - "it's not all plants - it's *mostly* plants."  And indeed it was.  Mostly plants with some tasty ass meat.


Liz said...

"And indeed it was. Mostly plants with some tasty ass meat."


I love Brazilian meat. SO tasty!

WeezerMonkey said...

I am shaking my fist at the two of you. Silly rule-followers! Don't you know that nobody obeys those rules?

I would've stuffed my point-and-shoot into my underwear. TMI, but I do what I gotta do! ;)