Tuesday, August 26, 2008


If you recall, here is a crappy iphone camera pic from the concert I went to last week.  Not too shabby - nice detail, color, etc.

And here is a pic from last night... lol

The binoculars didn't even help.  But I can now say that sound wise, there really isn't a bad seat in the entire theater.

Here's the setlist - they played all the songs from In Rainbows and a smattering of work from previous albums:

Reckoner, Optimistic, There There, 15 Step, All I Need, Pyramid Song, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, The Gloaming, Videotape, Talk Show Host, Faust Arp, Tell Me Why, No Surprises, Jigsaw Falling Into Place, The Bends, The National Anthem, Nude, Bodysnatchers

Encore: House of Cards, Planet Telex, Slowly, Fake Plastic Trees, True Love Waits Intro, Everything In Its Right Place

Encore 2: Cymbal Rush, Karma Police, Idioteque 

Check out all these really good pics are from sweetcell:

Her (I'm going to assume that sweetcell is a female.  I suppose a male could be named sweetcell though... that would unusual - not that there'd be anything wrong with that...)  But anyway, her version:

Our version:

Her version:

Our version:

Her version:

Our vers- you get the idea.

Mr. Insomniac, bless his heart, kept snapping anyway even though every pic was a blue, red, or purple version of the same exact thing.  IRL, it wasn't as bad as it appears and I actually didn't mind much.  Thom ususally does a weird spastic movement that kind of creeps me out a bit, so I was happy that I didn't have to watch him tic through my favorite songs.  Is that shallow?

Random Observations:

  • Mr. Insomniac and I are the only people who don't smoke marijuana in all of Los Angeles
  • The Hollywood Bowl has really good food.  I had the OK Lasagna (one of the Radiohead featured specials - as opposed to the Kid A Veggie Pizza) and it was delicious - a three cheese hearty piece of grub with a generous slice of garlic bread.  Unfortunately, the concessions shut down at 10pm so I was prevented from getting a second glass of wine.  Kill joys.
  • I really wish I knew how to concert whistle. Actually, I wish I knew how to regular whistle.
  • What is up with that glowing white cross that overlooks the entire Bowl audience?  I would have taken a picture of it, but it's not like my no-flash having iphone would be able to pick it up anyway.  Let me describe it - it's high on a hill directly to the right of the stage that glows.  The hilly backdrop behind the Bowl features about three small lights - warning lights so that a helicopter doesn't hit radio towers...  It's very peaceful, relaxing, and sparse and provides a nice backdrop so you focus on your concert under the stars.  But then BAM!  The glowing white cross announces that it's Jesus time!  I don't mind religion, and some of my best friends are Christian (tee hee!) but the last thing I want to see in the dark when I'm sitting in a concert for four hours is a illuminated cross that is basically an advertisement for Christianity.  They might as well have a cherub faced plastic Bob's Big Boy up there.  It totally wrecked my marijuana contact high, bros.  Mr. Insomniac didn't see a problem with it and suggested that I write one of my characteristic "strongly worded letters" and sign it Satan. Whatever dude.  Reading this just made me hate the cross even more.  



Marissa said...

Great set list!!!! Talk Show Host, The National Anthem and Karma Police weren't played at the show I just saw.

Idioteque just makes me happy.

WeezerMonkey said...

I am cracking up at the dichotomy of the different versions.

Ugh, that cross. I'm going to Hell.