Monday, August 18, 2008

Another iphone post!

These are the apps I currently have on my phone (all are free, of course, unless otherwise noted):

GFCaller (Girlfriend Caller) - A pretty simple app.  Press it and it automatically dials your "girlfriend" - any number you want.  No hitting phone, then favorites, then the number.  I'm Mr. Insomniac's girlfriend, and he's my girlfriend.  I used to respond, "hey girlfriend!" when he answered, but that got old after the first five times.   And after doing some internet sleuthing, it appears as though there is a BF Caller.  Not as fun as having a girlfriend, but whatever.  One drawback to this app is that it leaves one of those red circles showing how many times you call your girlfriend.  Kind of annoying.  Another app You're #1 doesn't have the red circle, but it costs $.99.

Box Office - It gives you movie times at theaters located near your location.  And it has links to Rotten Tomatoes scores and reviews.  And I believe, but I haven't tried it yet, that you can purchase tickets through Fandango.

Midomi - This is kinda like Shazam.  You can sing, hum, or whistle a tune and search engines will find it.  It can also capture music while it's playing.  Then you can listen to the tune or buy it (I haven't tried this).  What I have used it for is singing/karoke contests with Mr. Insomniac - we sing tunes and then get points if Midomi correctly identifies it, an extra point if it's the top retrieved song, and double points if it's the only song retrieved.  (Typically, Midomi pulls up several songs).  I performed a flawless rendition of Whitney Houston's,"One Moment in Time" (in honor of the Olympics, of course) but was unable to get Midomi to recognize Aerosmith's "Love in an Elevator".  It did however, get Elvis Crespo's "Suavemente" and Puccini's "Nessun Dorma".  

Listingly: Make lists and share them with people.  I had been looking for a free list maker that interacted with the internet (so I wouldn't have to type everything on the iphone).  Listingly does that and you can set due dates for your list items by simply pointing to a date on a handy calendar that pops up.

Miscellaneous apps:  Delicious lets you access your bookmarked internet sites (but I believe you can't add any new ones), Facebook is well, facebook, and Google Reader provides quick access to your feeds and blogs.

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hairulez said...

Saw your post about the GF Caller. The next release won't have the number tracker. There's also 1 Click Call which we also developed. Glad to see you use it,