Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My laugh for the day

Mr. Insomniac took the camera (and the memory card) with him to London, so I have no pics to share. No grilled cheese festivities.

But I can't leave my three readers hanging... I have to get my valuable content out. So here's a pictureless story.

I'm supervising my team on survey entry and we just got a large batch from a certain school
in a certain county known for producing a certain beverage that rhymes with swine.

One of the parents writes: "The school dictates 4 years of our lives and leaves the parents and kids desperate for family time, vacations, etc."

Now why the hell do you need a vacation? You live in Shangri-La. Walk outside. Surprise - you're on vacation, folks.

But this was what literally made me laugh out loud. For the question

Are you...

__ Male
__ Female

The person in question filled out the form like this:

Are you...

_X_ Male (Dad)
_X_ Female (Mom)

Well, no duh! as we used to say on the grade school playground.


WeezerMonkey said...

The person who filled out that survey doesn't deserve to live where s/he does. Ugh.

Grace said...

My brother went to the Grilled Cheese Invitational and said it was "like heaven."

I am LOL at your survey response from Shangri-La

10yearstogether said...

This made me smile. I needed that!