Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's been a while. And a NEW blog focus.

Um, hello.

It's been a while, I know.

I'm actually thinking of changing my blog's focus. Well... it doesn't really have a focus. So I guess I have one.

(insert trumpet fanfare)

I think I'm going to blog about things to do/places to go in Los Angeles*. A sort of tourist blog from an LA native who left for 15 years and is has been back for 3. That way when I finally get out of this town to enjoy my house on 20 acres for $200,000, I can look at my pretty pictures and think about how good I had it.

Actually, this idea is just an excuse for me to buy a Star Map and drive around Bel Air and Holmby Hills. Not to mention riding around in one of these things.

It would be for the blog, you see. I could see this being pretty hilarious.

"So where are you two from?"
"Two blocks south from here."

If the tour was too unbearable, I could always get off and walk home. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

I'm going to do some reorganization at some point, but not right now.
Just friendly heads up.

*Note: This is until I get sick of this idea and change it to something else. Which should be in about 24 days.


WeezerMonkey said...


Erin P. from our financial board is coming out for a weekend in August, when I am going to be in San Diego. I think you guys should do touristy things together!

Ann Marie said...

Are you going to do touristy things like wearing socks with sandals too? :-p

Dunc said...

Wooot, welcome back to blogland!

10yearstogether said...

LOL I love this. And I think it will be a really interesting new focus! Can't wait to read.

{grace} said...

Very nice. I'm glad to see you back!