Wednesday, April 22, 2009

NA, here I come.

I'm turning into a cliche.

Yesterday after the root canals I was paranoid I was going to be in pain. I kept waiting for the onslaught and when I went to fill my Vicodin prescription, I asked the pharmacist if I should take one immediately. She asked me if I had just had surgery (the Rite Aid was in an area known for plastic surgery... lol) and I told her I had two root canals. Sure, she says.

So I took one pill once I got to work and felt woozy for most of the day. I felt like Lindsay Lohan or something, walking around with a bottle of prescription pills in my handbag.

Later that night, Mr. Insomniac and I went to his Boss's house for a stone crab dinner, courtesy of Joe's Stone Crab delivery service. The two had just gotten back from a conference in Florida, and decided to relive the experience with more stone crab.

As we waited for the crab to heat up, the chardonnay began to flow. The Boss handed me a glass.

"But I'm on Vicodin," I protested.
"Nonsense," says Boss (medical professional #1).
"But the label said not to!"
"Nonsense," says Mr. Insomniac (medical professional #2). "People do it all the time."
"Well, if you guys say so."

Dinner was a perfect meal for me - soft crab that I didn't really have to chew (I'm paranoid of screwing up my temporary crowns). Delicious when dredged in lemon butter and/or mustard sauce. The side of cole slaw was vinegary sweet. And the key lime pie was a lovely ending. Dining outside in the unseasonably warm spring night reminded me that summer is just around the corner.

I woke up at 6am to Mr. Insomniac's alarm clock, woozy and with no memory of leaving Boss's house or getting into bed. Quite the strange sensation.

So I'm done with the Vicodin. Back to good ol' Advil.


Dunc said...

So you're a Vicodin lightweight? I love it.

WeezerMonkey said...

NA? So N/A!

Insomniac said...

That stuff is strong! But deep inside I think I was just being a tad dramatic. I don't know if one pill lasts 12 hours. Erm.

Grace said...

When I'm on Vicodin, all I want to do is sleep and hang out at home. It makes me sleepy and kind of queasy too... but I feel no pain. I'm impressed that you made it out of the house and resumed regular activity, lol.

I hope you're feeling better. =)

Ann Marie said...

One time I took a Vicodin and had a mixed drink two hours later, forgetting I had take the pill. Within an hour I was passed out on the couch and woke up there the next morning. I have since read that Vicodin + liquor mimics the effects of heroin. :-/

A Feminist Gold Digger said...

Maybe you'll see some celebs at NA that you can blog about. You know, anonymously.