Thursday, May 22, 2008

Preparation, Day 1

So yesterday I crutched my way (I'm on crutches because I sprained my ankle saving a pre-schooler from the path of an oncoming Hummer) to my local library.  I had craftily secured a copy of Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food by calling the reference desk and making the librarian grab me the last remaining copy on the shelf.  I knew, just knew, that some yuppy would have taken it away from me had I waited until after work.  

Along with that book, I picked up this book (The Occasional Vegetarian).  And this book (The Pretty Darn Quick Vegetarian Cookbook) because the recipes looked simple.  And this book (30 minute Vegetarian recipes) because it had pretty pictures.  I wanted to get this book (How to Cook Everything Vegetarian), but it weighed a ton and I was on crutches and already had a handful and didn't want to drop everything in the lobby and go down like a ton of bricks.

When I finally made my way to the circulation desk and heaved the books in front of the librarian, she commented that she liked my books.  Wasn't sure how to respond to that, but okay.

I've started reading In Defense of Food and there are lots of interesting tidbits that I'll discuss in upcoming posts.  So my next steps are to research what vegetables are in season at the moment, and to check out the resources at my disposal.  This means paying a visit (for the first time in Los Angeles, I might add) to Whole Foods.  I also plan on visiting the Beverly Hills and/or Santa Monica Farmer's Market this weekend.  I'm pretty aware of Trader Joe's (that's where I plan to pick up some staples - nuts, dried fruit, oatmeal, hopefully bread, etc.).  I've also gotten more book recommendations from folks like grrly, so I want to check those out as well.  And I also plan on following LizzieB's recipes.

And so it begins...

updated to get some picture practicin' in.  Blogs are fun!

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