Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pre-test foiled

Like any good researcher, I had wanted to take some pre-efntmps (eatfoodnottoomuchmostlyplants) measurements (weight, waist size, etc.) and get my cholesterol checked, but Mr. Insomniac is paranoid about the  health insurance industry and doesn't want a marker of "moderate high levels of cholesterol" to go down onto my chart.  I did take a cholesterol test years ago and it wasn't high, but some of my levels hovered around the moderate level.  At any rate, Mr. Insomniac thinks it's foolish to check a cholesterol "just for the fun of it."  So I will yield to his expertise.  Kill joy.

I will take my weight though.  And put it out on the internets.  I ain't scared.

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