Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The best thing in the entire world as of today, August 18th

I still have yet to blog about my trek to Michael Jackson's death house.

Instead, I'm going to tell you about the best thing in the entire world (as of today, August 18th).


It's this.

St. Germain Liqueur. Look at that pretty bottle - slim and tapered, smooth vertical lines...Made from Eederflowers, it is a fragrant floral wonderland. Like ambrosia. Like hummingbird nectar. Like the honeyed dew on the first day of spring in the meadows of Northern Ireland.

Lately, I've been seeing St. Germain on lots of cocktail menus and finally decided to obtain my own bottle so I can drink all I want from the comfort of my very own couch. After a particularly trying day yesterday, I headed to liquor store. Three bottles of St. Germain were prominently displayed in the window. I rushed inside, with a happy bounce to my step in eager anticipation. Wandering through the aisles, I finally stumbled on the right location.

Right location, but no bottles. Argh!!!!

Me: Um, where's the St Germain?
Store Guy: Oh, we ran out. We have a another shipment due on Wednesday?
Me: Wednesday?!
SG: Yeah. It's very popular.
Me: What about those display bottles? Can I have one of those?
SG: I think they're models. (checks) Yep.
Me: (groans)
SG: It looks like you need it bad.
Me: (laughs nervously) I have this book club tonight and wanted to make cocktails for everyone, you see.
SG: Right. Do you want me to call to the store on Melrose?

I make a beeline to my car as I dial the phone number to Wally's. I go there and get my booze, declining the paper bag so I can cradle it in my arms like a mewling kitty as I climb back in my car.

Finally I get home and get to bartending.

Here's what I came up with:

1 part St. Germain
1 part Grey Goose
1 part passion fruit juice
1/2 part lime juice

Shake with ice, strain in glass.

It is dangerously good. I'm actually frightened that this drink will open up the dormant genes in my DNA and have me attending meetings in a church basement. So moderation will be the key.


dapotato said...

that sounds delicious. passion fruit? vodka? some kind of fragrant liqueur? yes, please.

Ann Marie said...

You need to look up the elderflower gimlet recipe on my blog. So yummy :)!

My local BevMo cahier looks at me funny because I keep buying multiple small bottles. The bet thing in the world would be if they finally started carrying full size bottles.

Insomniac said...

"For one serving, pour 2 parts vodka, 1 part lime juice and 1 part elderflower liqueur over ice into a martini shaker. Shake well, pour into a chilled glass and garnish with lime"

Oh yeah Ann Marie!

HaveShoesWillTravel said...

I want this NOW. Elderflower, Grey Goose, and passion fruit are 3 of my favorite things.

{grace} said...

The bottle is so pretty. I thought this post was going to be about perfume at first since that was my first impression of the bottle.

I'll be on the lookout for this stuff now that I'm drinking alcohol again.

Anonymous said...

Yum...that looks delicious. I remember reading a recipe for a cocktail with elderberry syrup last year and had NO idea what it is. I definitely need to look for some of that stuff! --Emily

amber said...

Lavo, the new nightclub at Palazzo in Vegas serves a champagne cocktail with passion fruit and St. Germaine. OMG! I could drink those things all night. I really need to get a bottle of that stuff to have at the house.